Our goal is simple: To create college success stories, one student at a time.


Since we opened our doors on Hilton Head Island, College HHI has been helping high school students from around the world choose the RIGHT fit college. We do this through personalized college strategies working hand-in-hand with the student, parents and college admission directors.  

The Founder - Mrs. Patrick

Darcie D. Patrick  launched College HHI after decades of educational experience. She brings specialized experience in educational planning and building college admission strategies. 

Test Preparation

  • ACT Test Prep
  • SAT Test Prep
  • PSAT/PreACT Test Prep
  • Myers-Briggs & MBTI 
  • College Major + Career Testing

Welcome to College HHI

College Admission Strategists                    Mrs. Patrick is a Professional Member of IECA and NACAC, the two leading college counseling organizations.  

Educational Consulting ​

College HHI provides one-on-one consulting to find the RIGHT fit college or university for each unique student.