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Hi, Darcie here. Sending your child(ren) to college is most likely your family's second largest investment (next to your home).  With College HHI, finding the RIGHT fit school can be viewed as a solid investment...not an expense.  Plus, we simply LOVE our jobs and never stop advocating for our students! 

Why Choose College HHI?

John (aka Bacon) - University of Michigan Class of 2021

"As a first generation college student I was very unfamiliar with the college application process.  However, Mrs. Patrick provided more than enough information about everything "college".  From the basics with helping me choose a college for my intended career to preparing me for scholarship interviews, Mrs. Patrick has been my support and my guide through the very difficult requirements needed to fulfill.  She really go to know me on a personal level that allowed her to help build my resume and my application essays in a way that truly emphasized my strengths.  Mrs. Patrick was an absolute blessing to have guided me and she did it with such devotion and dedication.  I have never been so thankful to have someone like her."

Niki - Clemson University Class of 2019

"Hiring Mrs. Patrick was one of the best choices I have ever made.  She was so easy to work with and guided me in the right direction to find the perfect school fit for me.  She gets to know each and every one of her clients personally to make it easier to find not just a college best fit but a place you can feel comfortable and call home.  I highly recommend Darcie Patrick because she is loving, caring and one of a kind.  I don't know what I would have done without her."  
Ernie - The Citadel Class of 2019

College Admission Strategists                    Mrs. Patrick is a Professional Member of IECA and NACAC, the two leading college counseling organizations.  

"Darcie truly was a Godsend for our daughter Ellen.  We were all overwhelmed by the myriad of details in the college application process and were so afraid of making the wrong choices and missing opportunities for Ellen.  Darcie put our minds at ease and developed a strategy for Ellen that took into account her academic, personal and spiritual needs.  Most importantly, we felt at peace with the process and had a specific plan to follow.  Darcie was with us every step of the way and we know that she will be a lasting mentor for our daughter."
Carolyn Vanagel, President - Concours d'Elegance 

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Educational Consulting ​

College HHI provides one-on-one consulting to find the RIGHT fit college or university for each unique student.  

"We chose an educational consultant because of tension between the 'dreams of parents and desires of eighteen year olds'...ne'er the two shall meet.  Darcie was able to bridge the gap the size of infinity.  While she successfully "charmed the socks" off of our sons, she simultaneously placated the parents.  A United Nations mediator would pale in comparison."

Karen Floyd, CEO - The Palladian Group

Publisher, Elysian Magazine 

Spartanburg, South Carolina

"Darcie is fabulous and did wonders for my son in navigating the college admission process.  Our family hired Darcie to help with the college admission process as our son was off at boarding school and we needed to be very efficient so he could complete the application process during the summer before his senior year.  While his school had a college counseling office and doing a lot of research on our own, we believed hiring a specialist would allow us to find the right fit for our son and could truly guide us through the process with confidence and more precision than his school or we could.  Her guidance, knowledge and recommendations were dead on!  Our stress was eliminated.  Our son was accepted into every school he applied; first first choice/Early Decision was a reach school.  I would never think of going through the college selection process without the help of someone that knows their industry."  

The Porter Family

President, Michelle Porter Realtors

President, Birch Development + PGA Tour Retired

Greensboro, North Carolina