The Lighthouse Package is our comprehensive college consulting package. Students are accepted into this package as early as their freshman year and as late as fall of their senior year.  While the services remain constant regardless of the start time, the earlier we start building a unique college admission strategy the better.          Lighthouse Package includes:

  • Up to Fifteen (15) Consulting Hours, including research/recommendation

  • 24/7 Access to College HHI Online Portal - College Planner Pro
  • Success Testing Package ($500 value)
  • Intake Interview
  • Curriculum Review
  • ACT/SAT Testing Strategy
  • Athletic Assessment 
  • Extra Curricular Assessment 
  • Building the College List - REACH, TARGET and SAFE Categories
  • College Visit Checklist
  • Creating a College Resume
  • The College Essay
  • Acing the Interview
  • Choosing Letters of Recommendation
  • Application Strategy (ED/EA/RD)
  • One (1) Early Decision Application
  • FAFSA Timeline 
  • CSS Timeline
  • Scholarship Strategy
  • The Acceptance
  • College 101

Which College Advising Package is Right for You?  



This package is designed for the Senior who has already made their college list and is seeking one-on-one college consulting.                                              Jump Start Senior Package includes:

  • Up to Eight (8) Consulting Hours, including research/recommendation
  • Intake Interview
  • College Visit Checklist
  • Creating a College Resume
  • The College Essay
  • Acing the Interview
  • Choosing Letters of Recommendation
  • Application Strategy (ED/EA/RD)




College HHI has partnered with the The Price Group Educational Planning Services to offer this unique package including:  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong College Interest Inventory.  This testing package allows the student to gain insight into their personality, strengths, interests and to be aware of their blind spots.  

Students are given access to the online assessments through TPG's online portal. Upon completion, the team weaves the data into a comprehensive report spanning a student's personality, strengths, career possibilities, potential college majors, suggested list of clubs and/or internships and much more.  


College HHI has partnered with The Price Group Educational Planning Services and Method Test Prep to offer an online course that helps students build their math, reading, writing, and ACT/SAT test prep skills.  

This program is highly adaptive and keeps track of a student's strengths and blind spots.  Students have access to a large pool of practice questions and receive instant feedback upon completion of each question.  

Method Test Prep is a proven leader and is a good fit for any type of student.  Method Test Prep is interactive, time efficient and the website is available 24/7.  By using the latest internet technology, students are more engaged and their time is focused on their individual area(s) in need of improvement.

Students from all around the world have used Method Test Prep to increase their ACT/SAT scores!   

College Admission Strategists                    Mrs. Patrick is a Professional Member of IECA and NACAC, the two leading college counseling organizations.  

Educational Consulting ​

College HHI provides one-on-one consulting to find the RIGHT fit college or university for each unique student.  

Test Preparation

  • ACT Test Prep
  • SAT Test Prep
  • PSAT/PreACT Test Prep
  • Myers-Briggs & MBTI 
  • College Major + Career Testing